I E.A.T ART. My passion for visual arts goes back further than I can recall. Creating art is innate for me, a part of my DNA. That creativity manifests in various ways but hairdressing, makeup and fashion are a constant. Sculpting tresses, painting on a beautiful face or dressing to make a statement has an incredibly multifaceted effect on all of us. Firstly, as the artist, the physical execution of bringing an idea to life with my hands is addictive and standing back to witness the finished product is incredibly rewarding. Secondly, the viewer reacts to the work. Some analyze it, others marvel at it but all acknowledge it. Thirdly, the wearer is impacted in the most personal way. Hair and makeup can become something one identifies with their personal image, their visual message to the world. It can also be a total departure from who they identify as, an escape, a fantasy. A look they can embrace and channel for a moment or a signature they choose to walk in everyday. It's my work, my creativity... it feeds my soul. I E.A.T ART.